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   Custom MMIC Announces Technical Representative Appointment of ACETEC -- May 5, 2015

   News from Cree

    Cree Announces Wolfspeed – the New Name for the Power and RF Business
    Abby Wambach And A House Full Of Cree LED Lights
    Cree Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2016
    Cree, Inc. Announces 2016 First Quarter Earnings Release Webcast
    Cree LED Lighting Delivers Better Light Quality and Lifetime Savings To Bowling Green State University

   News from Radiall

   Q-MTitan brings 12 Fiber Optic Channels in a Quadrax Cavity
   Radiall Receives Quality Award from Nokia
   Radiall Receives Supplier Innovation Award from Airbus
   Radiall and FCI announce joint partnership for OCTIS
   Low Intermodulation Solution for Telecom Equipment
   Radiall brings a high density solution to harsh environments
   Radiall introduces the new platinum series of terminations and attenuators
   Radiall introduces Expanded Beam technology inside multipin connectors
   Radiall receives an Airbus Electrics “Supplier of the Year Award”
   Radiall is a guest of honor at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s roll-out ceremony
   Radiall India rewarded for its research work
   Radiall pushes innovation with SMP-MAX Evolution
   Radiall expands the TestPro range to include TestPro 2
   Radiall’s RF Test Probes Improve RF Testing
   Radiall launches new line of L1 GPS Antennas
   Radiall Introduces a New Range of Low Power SMA & SMP Terminations
   Radiall expands its Quick Mulitpin series with compact QM Size A connectors
   Radiall launches new line of Low PIM coaxial switches
   Radiall expands the EPXB2 series with two lightweight solutions
   Radiall introduces a range of High Power Terminations
   Radiall, Applied Engineering Products, AEP – celebrates 40 years
   Radiall introduces the Arinc 600 Cost effective NSX Connector
   Radiall introduces the new QLI Connector - the innovative connection
   Radiall and CINCH Connectors Sign a Cross Licensing Agreement
   Mouser Now Stocking Radiall Interconnect Components
   Radiall Expands its Broad SMP Range with SMP-LOCK®
   Radiall Introduces AEP Cables and Connectors for LMR® Applications
   Radiall Introduces RoHS Arinc 600 to Meet Customer Needs Worldwide
   NEW BNC HD - True 75 ohm HDTV Connector Series

   News from Herotek

   Herotek has just introduced six new product families of High Power and Broadband Limiters and one product family of a High Frequency Comb Generator.
   Low noise, ultra wide-band 0.01 to 20 GHz Amplifiers

   News from EMC Technology & Florida RF Labs

   Next Generation Lab-Flex® Q and Lab-Flex® AF Cable Assemblies
   New Low-Loss Wideband Couplers for 4G LTE and EW Systems
   Lab-Flex®Q for Space Flight Applications
   CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders
   Lab-Flex® AF for Harsh Environments
   EMC Technology Introduces DC - 26GHz Coaxial Attenuator
   New Flexible VNA Test Port Cables
   Florida RF Labs Introduces Lab-Flex® 100 & 125
   Broadband Resistive Power Dividers
   Florida RF Labs Expands Stranded Center Conductor Line

   News from Synergy Microwave Corporation

    Novel ASIC Helps Sources Silence Noise
    Metamaterial Möbius Strip Resonators for Tunable Oscillators
    Printed Resonators: Möbius Strip Theory and Applications
    Approach Drops SMD DRO Phase Noise

   News from MDL

    Why Use a Waveguide Variable Attenuator?
    Importance of In-House Manufacturing at MDL
    Stop Spinning Your Wheels When Selecting Rotary Joints
    The 2014 Satellite Show Recap
    Stop Looking for Your Old HP Slide-Tool…
    Slide Rule app for mobile devices

   News from Herley

    Kratos Receives $17 Million Mass Transportation Order Order
    Kratos Receives $26 Million in Critical Infrastructure Security Awards
    Kratos Receives $2.6 Million Unmanned Aerial System Program Order
    Kratos Supports Aural Spatial Structures Probe Rocket Launch
    Kratos RT Logic Delivers Critical Communications Capabilities for NASAs Orion Flight Test Mission
    Kratos Receives $11.6 Million Contract to Provide Electronics for Critical U.S. Ballistic Missile Program
    Kratos Awarded Contract Valued at $1.4 Million for MBRAT VIE CH-47F Chinook Avionics Training Systems
    Kratos Awarded $41.5 Million in Contract Awards for Satellite Operations for the U.S. Air Force
    Kratos Receives $26 Million in Critical Infrastructure Security Awards
    Kratos Receives $40 Million in Satellite Communication System, Earth Station and Ground Equipment Contract Awards
    Kratos Receives $9.0 Million in Electronic Warfare, Missile and Radar System Product Orders
    Kratos Awarded Helicopter Air Crew Training Contract Options Valued at Approximately $13 Million
    Kratos Awarded $72.3 Million Award to Provide Unmanned Aerial Target Systems and Technical Support to the United States Air Force Subscale Aerial Target (AFSAT) Program Office
    Kratos Receives $4.3 Million Unmanned Aerial Drone System Contract Award
    Kratos Successfully Performs Demonstration and Test Flights With High Performance Unmanned Aerial Drone and Target Systems, Including One of the Companys Newest Platforms
    Kratos to Upgrade EshailSats Capacity Management Center for the Es hail-2 Satellite
    Photo Release -- Kratos Announces Successful Flight Test of BQM-177A Target
    Kratos Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2014 Financial Results
    Kratos Experts to Discuss Future Concepts in Satellite Ground Station Architectures at 16th Annual Global MilSatCom Conference
    Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Schedules Third Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call for Thursday, November 6th
    Kratos Awarded Multiple Task Orders From the U.S. Army Targets Management Office (TMO) Valued at $6.5 Million

   News from Custom MMIC

   Custom MMIC Announces Technical Representative Appointment of ACETEC, Inc.
   New GaN LNA Meets Need for High RF Power Survivability
   Custom MMIC's Newest Amp: Low Noise, Low Current Use, High Gain
   New 6-14 GHz Fundamental Mixer Offers High Isolation, Low Conversion Loss
   Custom MMIC Announces Appointment of Saguaro Technical Sales as Representative for Arizona and New Mexico
   New x2 Frequency Multiplier Offers High Output Power and Low Spur Levels
    Custom MMIC Awarded U.S. Navy Phase II SBIR Contract
    New 17 to 27 GHz Ultra Low Noise MMIC Amplifier
   Custom MMIC Introduces New 4-8 GHz GaN Low-Noise Amplifier
   Custom MMICs New Low Noise GaN Amplifier Features High Power Survivability
   DC-20 GHz SP4T Non-Reflective Switch Offers Low Insertion Loss
   Custom MMIC Announces Appointment of Cornes Technologies as Technical Representative
   DC-28 GHz SPDT Non-Reflective Switch Offers Low Insertion Loss
   New SPDT Non-Reflective Switch Offers Positive Gain Slope
   New 6 - 16 GHz Driver Amplifier Delivers 21 dB of Gain
   New 28 - 32 GHz GaN Power Amplifier Offers High Power and High Linearity
   New GaN Power Amp Offers High Power, High Linearity, Excellent Efficiency
   Small Size, High Linearity of CMD207 Amplifier Ideal for Military, Space, and Communications Systems
   Custom MMIC Announces Appointment of TECH-INTER as Technical Representative
   DC-50 GHz Low Noise Amplifier Offers Wideband Performance
   Low Loss, High Isolation SPST Switch Covers DC to 20 GHz
   Custom MMIC to Discuss Positive Bias Sequencing at IMS Booth #1844
   Custom MMIC Introduces Broadband 20 GHz GaN Amplifier
   DC to 20 GHz SP4T Non-reflective Switch Offers Low Insertion Loss of 2.4 dB
   Custom MMIC Appoints Spartech-South as Representative for Southeast USA
   New 16-26 GHz Double-Balanced Fundamental Mixer Offers High Isolation
   New Amplifier Delivers Ultra-Wideband Performance, High Output Power
   New DC to 20 GHz GaAs Distributed Driver Amp Offers Positive Gain Slope, Low Noise Figure
   New 1-24 GHz GaAs Driver Amplifier Delivers +20 dBm of Output Power
   Custom MMIC Adds Two New Non-Reflective Switches to Expanding Product Line
   New Ultra Low Noise GaAs Amplifiers Operate from 10 to 17 GHz
   New Calculator Determines Resistor Values for PI, TEE, and BRIDGED-TEE Attenuators
   New Calculator Plots Phase and Amplitude Errors to Easily Manipulate Image Rejection
   New Positive Gain Slope Amplifier Operates from DC to 20 GHz
   New 6-20 GHz Low-Noise Amplifier Delivers More Than 20 dB of Gain
   Thermal Analysis Calculator Estimates Accurate Package Bottom Temp Based on PCB Construction
   Cascade Analysis Calculator Lets You Go Easily from Datasheet to Analysis
   Custom MMIC Announces Technical Representative Appointment of Ultram Technologies LTD in Israel
   New DC to 20 GHz Distributed Amplifier Offers Low Noise Figure of 2 dB at 10 GHz
   New 4-10 GHz Driver Amplifier Offers High Output Power, Low Current Consumption
   New GaAs MMIC Low Noise Amplifier Operates from 33 to 45 GHz
   2 to 20 GHz Broadband Amplifier Offers Positive Bias
   6 to 11 GHz Low Noise Amplifier Offers 2.1 dB Noise Figure
   4 to 8 GHz Low Noise Amplifier Offers 1.9 dB Noise Figure
    Custom MMIC Adds Four New Products to Its Growing Line of Amplifiers
   Custom MMIC Announces New Fundamental Mixer, Offers Low Conversion Loss
   New CMD158P3 Driver Amp Offers Medium Power with Single Supply
   New CMD172 VVA Die from Custom MMIC Offers Ultra Wideband Performance, Low Insertion Loss, Wide Attenuation Range
   New 6-10 GHz I/Q Mixer from Custom MMIC Offers Low Conversion Loss and High Image Rejection
   Custom MMIC Introduces the CMD132P3 Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier
   MMIC Amplifiers Offer High Output Power and Positive Bias
   20 GHz Distributed Amp Offers Positive Bias
   LNA MMIC Offers a Noise Figure of 1.5 dB from 6 to 18 GHz
   Ka-Band LNA MMIC Offers 1.7 dB Noise Figure and Low Power Dissipation

   News from Lark Engineering

   Lark Engineering Announces Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty for its RF Filters

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